Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer

Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer

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Binding Kitchen
Brand NaturAir
Color Silver
EAN 0700461294375
EANList 0700461294375
  • The Twin Air Pro 2018 model more than doubles in strength compared to our "Twin Air" emitting trillions of ions per second but measuring well over 200 million ions per centimeter 12 inches from it. Ozone is undetectable at 10 inches and the ionizer runs silently on less than 22 Watt. No Positive Ions are produced.
  • It is incredibly strong and if you have never owned an ionizer I would not recommend starting with this one. Please ensure you read the instructions that come with it prior to using it. Having at least 10 inches of space to the sides, back and top of the unit is very important.
  • Sensitive people might find that the very high negative ions count causes light-headedness in the first few days. This is caused by the increased oxygen intake and is nothing to be concerned about.
  • Shipped via FedEx Priority which takes only 2 - 4 business days to arrive once shipped.
  • Improved quality control and new sturdier packaging ensures a NaturAir Ionizer will arrive in perfect condition and last for years. We also offer a 1 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY to protect our customers in the unlikely event of mechanical breakdown.
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ItemDimensions 350" x 700" x 1300"
Label NaturAir

Please refer to the manufacturers website if the need to make a warranty claim arises. You will still be dealing with me so please don't worry about having to repeat yourself if you have already contacted me here. I really do try to help as much as I can when our customers are facing any problems.

If there are any problems please first refer to the usage instructions regarding placement and/or cleaning and also check the FAQ page on our website as it covers most commonly asked questions or concerns. If that doesn't help contact me here using the amazon messaging system, I am happy to help with any questions or concerns.


- If you have followed all usage instructions and there is still a fault please contact us and advise us you would like to return the product on a warranty claim.
- The product should be returned to us (USA address) in adequate packaging to protect it. We politely suggest you hold onto our packaging for the duration of the warranty.
- If the product is found to be faulty we will refund reasonable return shipping costs. 2018 reasonable costs are around $15-$25.

The warranty will cover replacement if:

-The product is found to be faulty ie. not emitting negative ions or producing excessive noise.
-The product hasn't been tampered with in any way.
-The complete product has been returned, including packaging and any accessories. (We are lenient on this regarding packaging as long as adequate packaging was used to prevent damage during shipping)
-The product has been used in accordance with usage instructions ie placement and cleaning (if required).

The warranty will not cover replacement if:

- No fault can be found ie. the product works perfectly over a 24 hours testing period.
- The product has been tampered with in any way.
- The damage can clearly be distinguished as physical impact damage ie, being dropped.
- There is clear evidence of trying to make a fraudulent claim, this will also be reported to amazon.

In these cases the return shipping costs will not be refunded and the cost to have the product shipped back to our customers falls to them.
ListPrice $259.99
MPN unknown
Manufacturer NaturAir
PackageDimensions 1260" x 709" x 315"
PackageQuantity 1
PartNumber unknown
ProductGroup Home
ProductTypeName HOME
Publisher NaturAir
Size 3.5in * 7in * 13inches
Studio NaturAir
Title Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer
UPC 700461294375
UPCList 700461294375
Warranty 1 year manufacturers warranty which covers mechanical breakdown.

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